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<3 The Starfish Story

6 Oct
My three-reasons-to-love The Starfish Story:
  1. It reminds me that life is not actually lived in the big picture
  2. It reminds me to have a heart
  3. Living the starfish story made me cry and smile. Even thinking about what happened right now.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it. In essence, it’s about a guy who walks down a beach throwing starfish back into the ocean. Another man asks him why he is bothering. Because “It made a difference to that one”. Read it here.

A few notes on posting.

28 Feb

A few people have been telling me that they have been checking in almost every day to see if there are new posts.

Firstly, might I say this.

Secondly, the plan is to put up articles on Mondays and three-reasons-to-love posts on Thursday.

You can also subscribe via email (the posts come straight to your inbox) or RSS (if that is your bag). These links are permanently on the sidebar.

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